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THE NICKRONOMICONThe Nickronomicon by Nick Mamatas

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THIS VILE TOME collects thirteen blasphemous tales of a certain scribe named Nick Mamatas. Warning: May contain shoggoths, martial arts, weirdness, Nyarlathotep, fish people from Innsmouth, and copious literary references. With an introduction by Orrin Grey and a bevy of disturbing alchemical illustrations by GMB Chomichuk. Side effects may include hallucinations and a steep descent into insanity.

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Praise for The Nickronomicon:

"Whether you’re a casual reader of Lovecraftian fiction, or a scholarly dissecting pro, this book is a must-have for your shelf!" — The Horror Fiction Review

THE LAST WEEKENDThe Last Weekend by Nick Mamatas

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“Meet Vasilis ‘Billy’ Kostopolos: Bay Area Rust Belt refugee, failed sci-fi writer, successful barfly and, since an exceptionally American zombie apocalypse, accomplished ‘driller’ of reanimated corpses. Now that all the sane, well-adjusted human beings are hunted to extinction, he's found his vocation trepanning zombies, peddling his one and only published short story and drinking himself to death—that is, until both his girlfriends turn out to be homicidal revolutionaries, he collides with a gang of Berkeley scientists gone berserker, the long-awaited ‘Big One’ finally strikes San Francisco, and what’s left of local government can no longer hide the awful secret lurking deep in the basement of City Hall. Can Bill unearth the truth about America’s demise and San Francisco’s survival—and will he destroy what little’s left of it in the process? Is he legend, the last man, or just another sucker on the vine? Nick Mamatas’ The Last Weekend takes a high-powered drill to the lurching, groaning conventions of zombie dystopias and conspiracy thrillers, sparing no cliché about tortured artists, alcoholic ‘genius’, noir action heroes, survivalist dogma, or starry-eyed California dreaming. Starting in booze-soaked but very clear-eyed cynicism and ending in gloriously uncozy catastrophe, this tale of a man and his city’s last living days is merciless, uncomfortably perceptive, and bleakly hilarious.”





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LOVE IS THE LAWLove Is the Law by Nick Mamatas

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In 1989, punk-rock girl "Golden" Dawn has crafted an outsider's life combining the philosophies of Communism and Aleister Crowley's black magic. One fateful day she finds the dead body of her mentor in both politics and magick shot in the head, seemingly a suicide. But Dawn knows there's more going on than the Long Island cops could ever hope to uncover. In setting out to find the murderer herself, she will encounter dark and twisted truths for which no book, study, or basement show could have prepared her. Award-winning prose author Nick Mamatas crafts a raw, hilarious, original mystery!

Advance praise for Love Is the Law:

"Good Lord—Nick Mamatas' first crime novel makes The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo seem as edgy as Murder, She Wrote. Easily the most original mystery of the year, full of big ideas, serious menace, and raw attitude. As Dawn tells us in the very first line, she's a fucking genius. Well, so is Mamatas." — Duane Swierczynski, author of Fun & Games, X, and Judge Dredd

"Absolutely, perversely brilliant...a fucked-up piece of work."— Warren Ellis, best-selling author of Gun Machine and Crooked Little Vein

"Nick Mamatas has a unique voice--intelligent, anarchic, literate, iconoclastic--and it all comes together in this twisted tale of Punk Rock, Trotskyism and Aleister Crowley. What other writer would tell you that playing hard-to-get is just “Victorian morality and market-based sexual political economy”? This book is for the suburban fifth columnist in us all."— Ken Wishnia, author of 23 Shades of Black